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Florida Southern College and the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

"...out of the ground and into the light, a child of the sun."
Frank Lloyd Wright describing work at Florida Southern College.


While I found the following references and web sites helpful, enlightening and sometimes entertaining, what follows is by no means anything resembling a complete Frank Lloyd Wright reference list.  More has been published on this man and his works than can be assimilated in a normal lifetime.  A Google search for Frank Lloyd Wright quickly turns up 5,420,000 results.

An excellent, comprehensive source of original material and an extensive collection of books, many originals, can be found at the Florida Southern College Library.  Randall M. MacDonald has written A Bibliography of Materials in Roux Library, which is available through the FSC Library.


bullet - Website of Florida Southern College contains information on the Frank Lloyd Wright structures, as well as maps and directions to the campus

bullet - The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation website

bullet - The website for the Ken Burns / Lynn Novik film on Wright

bullet - Wright on the Web

bullet - All-Wright Site

bullet - The City of Oak Park, Illinois, where the original home and studio of Wright are located

bullet  - This portion of the Oak Park site contains a concise biography of Wright with links to more information

bullet - The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust where you can learn about how you can help to preserve Wright's legacy

bullet - The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust shop where you can contribute to preserving Wright's legacy while getting some neat stuff



Storrer, William Allin, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, Third Edition, 2002. - A definitive catalog of Wright's structures


"Usonian Architect", Time Magazine, 17 January 1938: Archives. - Wright Man of the Year cover story.


Davis, Joyce M., Lakeland's Unique Architectural Heritage, Lakeland, Florida, Polk Museum of Art, 1987. - Well researched, concise history with excellent photographs.


"Frank Lloyd Wright & Florida Southern College", Architectural Forum, September 1952.


Maddex, Diane, Frank Lloyd Wright Inside and Out, New York, Barnes & Noble Books, 2001.


Wright, Frank Lloyd, An Autobiography, New York, Longmans, Green and Company, 1932.

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